Joie Illusions

The all-in-one napper 
perfect for smaller
living spaces


Joie is a international child care company focusing on design and development of truly exceptional quality and products. Joie products are fun, but they're also award winning (multiple red dot awards spanning 5 years). Joie's user is a younger demographic with a sense for modern styling and an emphasis on usability.


The project was defined as `to create a new product that will clinch the majority market share of Pack and Plays for joie in 2015'. We looked to create a modern product that placed a massive emphasis on quality materials and engineering to surpass expectations of the customer. A personal goal of mine was to not only advance the market, but stamp that this product will be the benchmark for the industry.

CAD Development

Developing a 'new' mechanism left us pulling our hair out at the end of the month. After a month of forward progress we scrapped the rule book and developed a new mech that is fully one hand operated. I focused on the user interaction of the product with touch points, as well as creating a visual that is appealing to not only experienced mothers but also new mothers; since this product is meant to be a staple of the brand.