Public Squash Foundation

Make It Public


The Public Squash Foundation is a non-profit devoted to the task of bringing the sport of Squash out to the masses. Developing courts as well as community efforts to develop a grass roots following for the sport allowing more access to grow the sport outside of stuck up country clubs.


Care was given to create this new visual identity. That's where I came in. They called me to create a new brand system bringing a new voice tone with a purpose that really sets them apart and positions them well on their path of growth. 


A brand is more than a logo. A brand is an emotional experience that communicates to your audience who your company is. Beginning with visual identity, it also includes applications and directions for upcoming projects.


Working with European Court manufactures we were able to develop and produce a custom court that suit the needs of outdoor play in NYC. While developing the court I was tasked with not only manufacturing plans of the glass, but creating 3D cad models of the court for renderings, ads as well as general content for Public Squash Foundation.


The goals of the site were to bring attention through design, as well as convey the information in a way that 'No NYC nonprofit will'


With the smartphone revolution taking over, it was clear that a mobile experience is necessary. To avoid losing primary features when downscaling from desktop to mobile, I adapted the screens through a responsive strategy splitting the blocks inside the column grid. It automatically restructured both our content and functionality.