World Surfing League (Concept)

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The World Surf League is a governing body for professional surfers and is dedicated to showcasing the world’s best talent in a variety of progressive formats. It was known as the Association of Surfing Professionals from 1983 to 2014.


The WSL site has remained for the most part idle for a few years. I know I share the frustrations of many when you're trying to find the live QS event or big wave challenge and end up chasing links for a few min. I did a redesign in my free time to streamline the process and redevelop the UI of the WSL.

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With Google standards moving towards a mobile first approach, the design of the home page is to showcase not only the content, but the fluidity of its structure. Creating a scrolling content page allows users to find content about the tour.
Live Events
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When designing the Events page, I was hoping to showcase that the WSL is indeed a international sporting event. With comps around the world showcasing a global map creates a connection to users at their local breaks or maybe shows that 'hey, maybe I can get to Tahiti this year'
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Creating a fluid layout for a rankings system allows users to navigate the entire list of tour riders in a dynamic carrousel. Developing identifiers such as the 'Jeep Points Leader' as well as wildcard candidates adds experiential content that the current site lacks.
Jeep Points Leader
Leader Features
Jeep Points Leader
Wildcard Entrys
YoungGun Contest


I really wanted to bring back a graphic way to showcase text based articles. A bit of a throwback to standing in a surf shop reading Surfer mag, I wanted to create a print article on a digital platform. With side scrolling interaction and sharable content the design of the page lends itself to mobile first viewing without sacrificing traditional desktop viewing.
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