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Growing with your


Graco is the household name when it comes to child care products. You would be hard set to walk into a family home and not see one product from the giant. Graco has also taken a stance on offering innovative products to the market in the past few years in an effort to win back consumers that feel they have gone stagnant.


When Graco approached us with the issue I knew right away this couldn't be another of the same old products. We were given the green light to develop something truly unique and we took full advantage. With extensive design and engineering phases we created a high chair that lives with your family longer than any other child care product on the market.


The solution was to create a feature rich product that adapted to a growing child as well as follow and create design elements that are accepted visually by first time parents as well as older more experienced families. Create a low cost solution that will fall into Graco’s current product line that added value to the market as well as create a new niche in the industry. Priced at $99 this is not only one of the lowest cost units on offer, but the most versatile unit Graco has sold.
The design of the chair adapted itself to fit for a High Price Point model without drastic changes. accepting the challenge to not drastically increase tooling costs, we designed a unit that adapts to new parts while visually adding value to the product. 
Child care products are some of the most strenuously tested and regulated products since any irregularity can result in injury or death. While developing I led user testing groups with different age group children and their parents. This testing identified unknown pinch points as well as showed the worst case scenarios that a child can find themselves in. Identifying and planning for these situations allowed me to develop a product that we can truly say is safe for production.
The final unit came in under $100 which met our goal for the low price point unit. We successfully developed + surpassed all standards for safety and critical engineering tests. With this project I was able to hone not only my design ability but utilize my manufacturing background to develop new features and mechanical elements that was key to the successful development and manufacturing of the product.