Nuna Rava

simply smart


Nuna is a leading European childcare company based out of the Netherlands that places an emphasis on high design as well as pushing the boundaries of design in the childcare industry.


The goal of this project was to produce a Toddler Carseat from the bottom up. To create a product that would win an award come 2017. With the budget to push the boundaries we set out to incorporate new manufacturing process and materials. We wanted to show the larger companies that this small Dutch brand was a force to be reckoned with in the industry.



Surfacing and development of curves for the Rava was extremely important. With the development of the base + seat shell, we took many liberties with creating an extremely gestural product. While these curves were very pleasing from a design standpoint, translating them into CAD pushed my abilities. Going into crash testing, the unit adapted slightly to conform to current US crash standards. But the design remained true to its original development phase.