Patagonia (concept)

What's Holding
You Back


Patagonia is set out to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. 


When a company puts out a product of this magnitude how can you portray it in a way that is not only one with the environment but also used by the likes of legendary athletes around the world?

The Project

I have a very strong passion for the Patagonia. From a surfing background their work to progress the sport is legendary. On their activist side their involvement in main issues plaguing our waterways, Nations people, and environment is second to none. I set out to develop a series of ads and art direction that would showcase Patagonia in the light of legends and gods. The gods and mythical figures were spoken in stories to children to show greatness and the power of the human spirit. Looking at this for inspiration, Patagonia follows a similar mythical prowess in the minds of those who wear it. The tagline statement for the project was 'tested by legends'